• OTP:**finally gets together**
  • Me:**reblogs a hundred gifsets of the same scene**
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I just realized that in the Comic-Con trailer, Bash doesn’t just pick Kenna up and hug her, he SPINS HER AROUND


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maybe okay will be our always

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Teen Wolf AU: Allison is still alive.
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Maybe you have to adjust some layers. Dont forget to like or reblog this post if you download likes inspire me. Don’t redistribute or claim as your own, It’s not cool and if i was able you too. Click here to see more resources and request here. I hope you enjoy. psd 437 made by pspretty → (download here

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ABCs of Keegan AllenTroian Bellisario

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Teen Wolf Episodes | 2x01  Omega
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Allison Argent - Teen Wolf 

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